An unfortunate accident happened to me on Monday, which pushed me into a deep reflection on college students. Even though it could be an aftershock for me to write it down, I'm trying to complete this passage.

When our class head teacher KOKO was chatting with us prior to her lecture as a routine, we found Irving had dyed his hair blond, so I teased, "Why don't you dye it green?", (it means one of the couple cheated the other in Chinese), KOKO laughed, saying his girlfriend wouldn't betray him. However, when I checked my phone seconds later, his insulting remark popped up. "Shut up if you are so rude." To tell the truth, in the bottom of heart, I had already poured scorn on him since a long time ago. The reason is also simple, he is a puerile guy, who is busy dating with girlfriend, being a slave to consumerism, and not interested in learning Japanese at all. Then there was one question: was it a good choice for me to delete him immediately? Obviously not. Having realized that he can't send private message to me, he turned to our class WeChat group (some of our teachers are also in), sending an even more insulting message, and mentioned me. "Have you no shame?"—I felt a quiver of abhorrence, almost losing my temper. It seemed that KOKO noticed my abnormal behavior, she placated me and stopped me from revenging in time. I was speechless when we two were informed to go to KOKO's office after class. What made me hopping mad was his reply in the WeChat group, "I'm going to receive basketball training today, it's OK, I don't mind it now, lol". Seeing this, words can't describe how angry I was. At the end of today's class, KOKO reconciled the dispute smoothly. A few days later, I started to reflect on this accident.

Firstly, he might don't go well with her girlfriend these days, so he became very sensitive about others' remarks. In this way, he can't be to blame.

Secondly, I disapprove of his opinion on love. For example, in terms of the popular meme days ago, "the first cup of milk tea in autumn", he insisted that if he hadn't bought his girlfriend milk tea, she would be angry and jealous. Both my GF and I are hating this kind of consumerism (in a conversation I knew he gets 5,000 CNY every month from his parents), and we have critically thought about it. There is another case, he made a short video last year in order to obtain good wishes on their love from many people, including me, but I rejected politely. I don't think it is good to show around so immoderately if you are in love with someone.

Thirdly, when he was asked if he dislikes me or not, he complained to KOKO that he often greeted me but I didn't say hello to him back when we bumped into each other. Here I could explain: my schedule is always full, and I love reflecting even I am walking. What's more, I have a little fear of socializing especially with those I don't talk to very often. According to his logic, I'm not his friend, so I don't have the right to tease him. (He did say this in that public insulting message)

So, it is no wonder that we don't see eye to eye. I'm still questioning because in my opinion, he represents a typical huge group of Chinese college students. They are not well-balanced, but full of pomposity. They are not insightful, but go with the stream. They are not independent adults, but grown-up babies. -It's a term describes the irresponsible and immature (rather child-like) behaviors of Chinese adults-that is, physically grownup but mentally immature people. What should I do to draw the line between them and I? It's still a problem haunting on me.